“To build and live in unity within families, communities, nations and the world.”

UMOJA (Swahili)

Umoja: What it is and Why it Matters…

‘The Umoja Journey (hosted by International Needs Canada) is a guided road trip through the back country in some of the world’s most exotic places. More than just an adventure; it’s adventure with purpose, designed to spark a process of self-discovery in its participants (‘Umojees’) as well as support the work of International Needs.

The ‘adventure’ aspect of the journey is designed so that ‘Umojees’ can enjoy the fruits of their labours by appreciating the beauty – both natural and man-made – around them. The journey, however, also takes participants off the beaten track to witness life as it is lived in impoverished communities where people struggle with nutrition, health, education and other social justice issues. This, the ‘purpose’ aspect of the journey is designed to inspire participants to move beyond mere financial success as a life goal towards leaving a legacy of greater social significance.

Our goal is that ‘Umojees’ will apply their energies and resources to support sustainable development initiatives that are designed to alleviate the effects of poverty, ‘change lives and transform communities’. Those on The Umoja Journey have the privilege of experiencing life as it is lived in communities of need and engaging directly with people and hearing their stories.’