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“To build and live in unity within families, communities, nations and the world.”

UMOJA (Swahili)

Umoja: What it is and Why it Matters…

Umoja refers to both an internal and external journey of self-discovery through which you enter into a heighThree Womentned sense of relationship with other places, individuals, families, and communities. Umoja invites you to combine your faith, feelings, senses, and imagination; to celebrate your ability to appreciate the beauty of nature and the tranquility of rustic settings while embracing the bustle of urban society and the close, multi-faceted human interactions that give cities their vitality.

Symbolizing the Journey

As the symbol of UUmoja logo – elephant represents the creative power of naturemoja, the elephant represents the creative power of God and the beauty of  creation. The elephant is a reminder of the value of environmental sustainability and symbiotic harmony between man and nature. This logo epitomizes the essence of Umoja.